Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pat Ormond 4/25 denali

Here a climber gets ready to cross the bergschrund on the headwall at approx. 15.6K. This is the start of the "fixed lines".

Pat Ormond's team is at 14,200' camp and they are doing well. They have back carried all of their gear from lower elevations to the 14,200' camp, so they are all settled in up there.

Most likely, tomorrow will do a front carry to 16+ thousand feet. Then they'll take a rest day and start looking for a good window to move up to high camp.

I did not speak with Pat directly, AMS guide Nate Opp called in from the Foraker Expedition and had spoken with Pat earlier via CB radio. I predict that they reviewed technical rope work in and around camp today. After they ate a ton of pancakes and took naps in their tents that is... Denali is really hard work, but we do get some time to relax and catch up on sleep. All of that being said, all I know for certain is that they are doing well and they are at 14K and have already done their back carry to 13.5k.

Keep in mind that not all guides like to chit chat on the phone, and while Pat is more of a phone guy than Nate is in town, Pat is not a big talker in the mountains. We do NOT require the guides to check in with us daily. Many people just want to be IN the mountains. We'll keep you updated as soon as we hear from them or about them. Even if Pat doesn't call in we have our ways of finding out what his crew is up to and we'll pass that info along to you.

Tomorrow, we have another Denali Expedition gear checking and flying into Base Camp, and our Advanced Mountaineering Course starts packing. The following day starts another private technical climbing expedition into the Ruth Gorge led by Todd Passey.

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Mollie Miller said...

SO much fun to get updates on the April 25 West Buttress Denali expedition that our son, Jack, is on. Thank you for the trouble you take to post them, along with the pictures. It's just a blast to see the pics, read the blogs and share a tiny bit of his And his fellow climbers' adventures.