Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pat Ormond's crew is nearing the tippy top.

Here's a photo of the football field. If you look closely you can see 3 climbers in the picture. They are at the top of "Pig Hill".

I just talked to Pat a few minutes ago. If this was a current picture their group would be sitting in the center right of the photo. He said it is really warm out, zero wind, they are super psyched and are looking at an almost windless summit ridge. They are about an hour away from the summit now. I'm going to guess and say they are looking at 9 hours (total) to the top and probably 4-5 hours to get back down once they tag the top in just over an hour. They'll roll back into camp and eat some soup and drink some water and hit the sack.


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Anonymous said...

Go! Go! Go!

Stay strong.. Reid and Dana and all the rest. Reid--now only the majesic Mt. Roubidoux eludes you.