Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TnT Back in Talkeetna

Todd Passey and Todd Tumolo's team are in the back taking off their mountaineering boots and eating watermelon. They are super psyched to be back in the warmth and green. I could only take a few pics before the smell of those boots drove me back to the office. They're on their way to the Talkeetna Roadhouse for lots of food....not even taking a shower first! Oh, I pity the folks sitting next to them.

Well Done!

blogger Laura


Anonymous said...

Congrats to TNT team! Madison, kids had fun too. Matt and Will here for the week. Moma Michael home bringing in the bread. PapaK

Anonymous said...

Very happy to see you are safe, I hope you enjoyed your journey...now hurry up and come home!! xo "N.N."

JensenFamily4 said...

Congrats to TNT. Brian Council, I've been following your journey. Looking forward to hearing more about the trip. Glad you are safe. Julie Jensen