Monday, May 23, 2011

Update from 11,000'

AMS Guide Lisa Van Sciver from the Team Norsk Expedition called in tonight from the 11,000' camp where they will be for 2-3 nights. They have set up their tents and are all settled in. She reports that they have been traveling in white-out conditions on the Kahiltna Glacier. There are about 10 inches of fresh snow on the glacier, which is manageable trail breaking. All is well with the team.

The AMS 5/16 Passey Expedition is at the 11,000' camp as well. They are doing well and today they made a carry to the windy corner area of the route. It has been very windy above the 11,000' camp so this team has been looking forward this day and making upward progress! They will return to the 11,000' camp tonight and if weather permits, they will move up to 14,200' tomorrow. Storm days are part of climbing Denali, however, and the 11,000' camp is a fine place to wait one out.

- Caitlin

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