Friday, May 27, 2011

Update from 5/23 McBrayer

Guide Joey McBrayer called in today from 11,000. He reports that his team is making and breaking camp quickly and efficiently and moving efficiently as well. They backcarried today and will likely carry around Windy Corner tomorrow.

Messages from the team:
Bruce wants to let us know that he's doing great and having a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Sieto sends his love to Thea and a hello to friends near and far.
Jonathan says hello to Jennifer, Bella, and Cooper - misses you and loves you very much.



Anonymous said...

Tell Tacy and Jody to Enjoy and Be safe, anne

Anonymous said...

Go Big Whitey!

Steven said...

Bruce I know you will do great! Have fun and take some cool pics. We here at the more moderate altitude say keep it aiming high and stay positive and safe! We will see you when you get back and we hope the weather holds on summit day!

Thea said...

Sieto, good luck and fun! Please stay safe up there. I love and miss you. Thea

Spanish Highs Mountain Guides said...

Good luck Sieto, stay safe and enjoy.

From Spanish Highs Mountain Guides in Spain's Sierra Nevada

Deb said...

Following your tremendous journey. Enjoy the spectacular views! Go Bruce Almighty! Thanks for the updates!

Anonymous said...

Go Jon-E! I was telling Willy and Chance where you are. I had to repeat it a few times. "He's where?? REALLY?"

Stay safe bro