Monday, May 30, 2011

West Buttress 5/30 Hunter + Stroud; Glacier Trek 5/30 Passey

AMS Guides Alex Stroud and Russell Hunter's 5/30 West Buttress team flew in on schedule at 5 PM to base camp after a day's preparations in Talkeetna.

Guides Alex and Russell with Makoto, Nolan, Deborah, Adam, Gayle, Michael, and Jack Russell terrier Sam. Sam, unfortunately, will not be joining the expedition and is on his way home to Anchorage.

Winslow Passey's team flew out this morning as well for a day glacier trek.



Debora said...

Thank you very much for keeping us posted about "5/30 Hunter + Stroud" group. I will be checking this Blog often to see if there are any more news about them and I hope they will all be good news! :)

Debora - Sao Paulo/Brazil

Jules Teles said...

Wow, looks like a lot of adventures! I'm doing my first long trek this July, going to do Kilimanjaro and am thinking I will be wanting to keep moving to harder mountains, will see ;-)