Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anderson 6/13 WB Flies; Kahiltna Dome 6/5 Returns

Guides Peter Anderson and Beth Cleary and their 6/13 Denali West Buttress group flew early this afternoon after a few days waiting for the weather to clear at Kahiltna Base Camp. They didn't get too bummed waiting at AMS HQ, though, spending the hours going over skills, bonding, and organizing a group yoga session. As they flew in a few groups have been coming out of the mountains.

Nick D'Alessio, Brian Skean and Noah Ronczowski's 6/5 Kahiltna Dome/Denali Prep group flew down this afternoon after a short wait in base camp. Not a bad place to be for a group hoping to do Denali down the road - but they're happy to be down, eat some watermelon, dry their feet, and call family and friends.



Kristi Anderson said...

Allriiight 6/13 Anderson team!! Good to see everyone looking excited to get out there! Go LOU!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers Day to Charlie. Good luck and we all love you.