Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another SUMMIT!!

Todd Passey just called in a few minutes ago from the top of Pig Hill. They had already been to the top and were on the way back down to high camp. He said his whole crew made it up. Nicely done!



Anonymous said...

WooHoo! Git it!

Liz Berman said...

Fabulous! Well done all! Have a safe and happy journey down!! Miss you Todd and we all love you very much!

Liz, Sasha, Lily, Lara and Lottie Berman x :)

pfejtek said...
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pfejtek said...

Nice work Louise and team!! Be careful with those crevasses on the way back down.
-Paul & Denise Fejtek

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!! Well done everyone!!! Special xoxo to Simon.