Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aerial Photos from 6/6/2011

Here is a photo that Leighan's dad, Tom, took from his Piper Super Cub yesterday around 2pm. "Climbers on 6 June, 11, about 2 PM, two groups of six nearing Denali Pass. The two lower climbers appear to be descending. From the other side I did not yet see any climbers further than Denali Pass."
Here's another photo that Tom took, also about 2PM. For sure there are several AMS tents and walls in this photo. Not sure which ones, but the walls are looking pretty tight.

I just got a text from Leighan's team. All 3 AMS teams that summitted yesterday are doing well and are starting to make their way down to 14K.


Deb said...

Thank you Tom for taking these photos and AMS for sharing them! Gives us an inspiring view.

Anonymous said...

A great and wonderful view from the top of the world. Thanks for sharing. Thank you Deb for the website. TG

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tom for the once in a life pics of such an awe inspiring day! Lynn