Monday, June 6, 2011

Beautiful Day to Go For It!

Three AMS West Buttress teams checked in from High Camp early this morning, they are all going for the summit today!
5/23-Leighan Falley
5/24-Joey McBrayer
5/24-Nate Opp (Team Spagnoli)
A summit bid can take 12 hours or so, we might not hear from any of them until they are back to High Camp later tonight. We'll post word as soon as we hear from them.
Note: we asked team Spagnoli to turn on their "Spot" but it seems they've not done so. They are doing fine and are right there with the other two teams.
~Blogger Julia


Anonymous said...

Great news!

Anything about 5/30 Russel Team?

Thea said...

Sieto, Team McBrayer, go for the summit! I can't wait to hear what it is like to be on top of America's highest peak! Love, Thea

Anonymous said...

Did a high mountain flight today in the cub for photos and saw two teams of six almost to Denali PAss at about 2 PM, no one above that I caould see on the other side. Several climbers on descent to High Camp, somewhat spread out. Saw a team of five plus one well ahead on the upper West Rib at about 18,500 ft and two lower on the rib right near 17200' High camp pretty well deserted, one person standing in a red parka near the edge. 14 Camp a metropolis with many inbetween there and High camp, and also moving up from 11.

Will send some photos later... Leigh's Dad

Anonymous said...

Kirby just called from High Camp and they summited and were cooking dinner at about 9pm!! The other two teams weren't back to high camp yet, but close.

Kristi Senden