Thursday, June 16, 2011

Combat Wounded Veterans Mountaineering Course

A group of combat wounded veterans are getting ready for a 6-day mountaineering course in the Pika Glacier. After the course they will make an attempt on Denali. Matt Montavan is one of the guides...and he just completed a 100 mile run across Alaska to raise awareness of Wounded Warriors. Justin Dickens, who last year was an intern for us, has returned to assist with the course along with Christian March.

Dr. Peter Hackett, the leading expert on high altitude medicine and physiology has been working with one of the participants...a double lung transplant.

Some of the crew headed out to the Pika Glacier for a 6 day Mountaineering Course. Dr. Peter Hackett is top row, fourth from right.

Lots and lots of gear to be gone through...

Guide Matt Montavon goes over the checklist with Yeti

The staff of AMS is honored to help these veterans reach their goals.

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