Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Final Denali WB Expedition Left This Morning - 6/27 Gowler

We bid adieu to our Operations Manager and Lead Guide, Rob Gowler as well as our Intern Erin Pollock and Guide Joey McBrayer (his third expedition this season) for the 6/27 Gowler Expedition. They had a one day weather delay but were able to practice their skills here in town so they will be right on schedule when they hit the glacier later this morning. 

The final West Buttress team of the season: Guide Rob Gowler, Anastasia, Ian, Amy, Duncan, Intern Erin Pollock, Ed and kneeling in front, Ed's son Tim and Guide Joey McBrayer.

Lead Guide Gowler is all smiles to get out of the office and into the big hills for the next 20 days.

Loading the food bags up...each team member will carry group gear such as food, fuel and tents.

Amy does her last minute packing and put her hair in braids for the next 20 days.

Big Foot Tim is about to make friends with his boots.
Anastasia laces up.

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Sieto said...

Wow, can't believe it's been five weeks already since I flew to BC with guides Joey and Chris. And now it's the final expedition of the season.

Good luck guys and girls, have fun and be safe!