Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Flyable!

...And that means that Forest Wagner's 6/20 Denali Expedition is flying in to Base Camp (one day late) and Hoeschen's team should be flying out. Hoeschen's team might not be at the top of the flight list as they only arrived in this morning. It wasn't flyable yesterday so there could be a backlog of climbers itching to get out.

We also expect the Combat Wounded Veteran's to fly out of the Pika Glacier today.

(left to right) Guides Dustin Eroh and Forest Wagner, Pat, Michael, Viki, Jim, Christian and Steve strike a quick pose before heading to the airport.

~blogger laura


Jasmin said...

Great News ! Thanks Laura !

Ernesto and Ines said...

Helen - shower in view... Big kiss Ernesto and Ines
Thanks Laura for the up-date!

Divya said...

Super cool! yaaaaaaaaaaay Mayur :)