Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Josh and Russell's crews checking in.

Photo of a group on the headwall. The lowest climber on the ropes is just about to cross the bergschrund. Some seasons this bergschrund is much more difficult than shown in the picture. The 3rd climber from the top is hunched over clipping his or her rope through a piece of fixed protection. The top climber looks like they are almost at the top of the fixed lines, but I bet he/she is only half way there. If you look closely you can see another set of fixed lins just to the left of this team, those lines are for the downward traffic.

Josh Hoeschen called in from 14K a bit ago. They made a carry to the top of the fixed lines today. Their carry went well and evryone is doing great. It was snowing on them as we spoke but not much in the way of winds. He wasn't sure what they would do tomorrow. At this point Josh is just paying close attention to the weather and the winds. As soon as it looks good they will move on up to high camp.

Russell Hunter's crew also called in this afternoon from high camp. They were taking a snow day today and getting a little extra rest. As much rest as you can get at 17,200 feet that is. If the weather looks good tomorrow they'll go for it. He said they are all doing great and Russell's whole crew wanted to say hello to their loved ones.


Jasmin said...

Special thanks to Josh for the timely updates :) All the best to his team.

- Jasmine

Anonymous said...

Helen, the Wahrens are waiting for you with a lot of home made HOT food in Z├╝rich! Fight against the wind and enjoy!

David said...

Michael M's niece wants to tell him "hi" and "hang on".

Anonymous said...

Stay safe we love you Robert .