Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6 West Buttress Team Launching!

AMS Guides Josh Hoeschen, Mike Soucy and their June 6 West Buttress team just headed for the airport on this beautiful day for their flight to Base Camp! Pictured here: Robert, John, Mike, Jon, Josh, Helen, Brady, Mayur - ready for action. We'll keep you posted when we hear word from them in a couple of days.
Enjoy this day!
~Blogger Julia


Anonymous said...

greetings from jody and tracy in NC. yeah for 3 AMS teams on the top. a big CONGRATS to joey's and chris' team. we've been thinking about you. safe down.

Anonymous said...

So proud of McBrayer group that summited yesterday and are heading down. It's been an anxious wait but well worth it. Jonathan Lehman, I love you and we are all looking forward to stories...i'm sure there are some pretty amazing ones. See you soon. Safe travels home to all. Mom