Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just a thought regarding Anderson's Team

I really hate to make predictions but I know many of you are awaiting info about Peter Anderson's team.

Firstly, know they are safe and sound. If anything EVER goes wrong on the mountain we know about it (and fast), so try not to worry about that.

If I were to make an educated guess about Peter Anderson's team  for you it is this: They moved to high camp yesterday, they rested today, they will try (weather permitting) for the summit tomorrow.

Resting for one day at high camp is standard protocol for climbs of the West Buttress.  The weather looks good for the next few days, so I'm hoping for the best for them.

The two other teams (Hamill and Mainer) that reached the summit today were both small groups of 3 climbers, this gives them the flexibility of moving when they feel good, and resting whenever they choose.

Since Mike Hamill and Aaron Mainer's teams are on their way down this evening, I'd be willing to bet that fellow AMS guides Peter Anderson and Beth Cleary are making hot water for them. Summit day is a strenuous one for just about every climber up there. It is great to have friends to welcome you back into high camp with hot water for soup and drinks.

Be well,


Anonymous said...

Kelly Byron is on the Anderson team and has a SPOT tracking device. You can tell if they are moving by clicking on the link below. You can see where they are every 10 minutes when they are moving. It is pretty cool. I hope they get to Summit today! Good luck to all of you! Amy James

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day Luika and everyone on the Anderson Team! We are cheering you on - hoping you are safe and summit soon.
Lots of love,
Sue (sister of Lou)

pfejtek said...

Amy, thanks for posting the link with the Spot tracker! Enjoy your rest at high camp and good luck to Louise & the rest of the team on your way to the summit!

Kristi Anderson said...

Amy, thank you for the SPOT link - very cool to see all of those waypoints! Fingers crossed they see the summit today - would be a great Canada Day celebration for Lou and a wonderful accomplishment for the entire team!