Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lots of updates

Hugh Gaasch of the 12 day Mountaineering course called in from their new camp down glacier in Little switzerland. They are all having a good time and learning a ton. Winslow, Hugh and Ben and the the whole class are probably within striking distance of some of the best granite rock climbing in the Alaska Range.

Hugh had seen the plane drop off the Wounded Warriors at the landing strip on the Pika Glacier. Their team will spend the day tomorrow doing lots of classes to get ready for a bunch of camp moving the rest of the week..

Todd Passey called in from 14K. His team is doing well and when he called in they had already built camp, eaten and were settled in for the night. They are planning on doing a back carry tomorrow.

Todd had just talked to Josh Hoeschen on the radio from High Camp. Josh and his team moved up today as the winds were mostly just above 17K. The weather was good today all over the mountain, except for the high winds up high. High winds up high on the mountain = (equals) hang tight at high camp.

John Sykes who is working with Todd Passey is having his birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY John!



Sasha Berman said...

To Daddy
You are the best daddy in the world and we all love you soooooooo much. Have fun climbing the mountain and please come home soon. Happy Fathers Day!! :)

With all of our love

Sasha,Lily,Lara and Lottie
(Todd B's daughters!)

Liz Berman said...

Happy Father's Day to Todd Berman and all the other Dads on the mountain! Hope you are having a fantastic time Todd - we love and miss you very much!

Liz xxx