Thursday, June 30, 2011

More News from the Hill...

Forest Wagner 6/20 just phoned in to say they arrived at 14K camp. He is there with Vernovage 6/22. They had a weather delay at 11,000 feet. They are ready to "rock 'n roll," says Forest. His and Vernovage's plan is to carry to the ridge (16,200) tomorrow, sleep back at 14K. They will move to 17K on Sunday.

Messages from Wagner's team: Pat L. wishes his Dad a Happy Birthday and Viki T. says Happy Birthday to Mom on 7/2.

Forest saw the Combat Wounded Vets...they made a carry to Windy Corner which is 13,500. They will have ditched their snowshoes and switched to crampons for travel on the colder upper mountain. They will sleep back at 11,000 feet and then moved to 14K dependent.

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Dianne said...

Congrats Justin on your progress. You can celebrate your birthday at 14000 possibly; then again, at the rate you guys are going, you will be at that level before your Bday. We congratulate all of you for what you are accomplishing.

We love you,Happy 4th of July. We'll be watching the northern sky for your fireworks display.

Love, Mom and Dad

AOCM wife said...

Good job to all the guys.....keep on climbing! Outstanding accomplishment!