Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nate Opp and Josh Hoeschen's teams are at 7800

Josh Hoeschen called in today after they carried to the top of ski hill. They are doing great and said the lower glacier is in really good shape. Nate opp's team is camped out at ski hill as well ands will be continuing on to base camp sometime after mid night tonight.

All of our teams are on a night schedule on the lower mountain right now so they can utilize the coldest part of the night for easier travelling conditions.

Russell's team rested all day today and are planning on doing a carry tomorrow to the top of the fixed lines weather depending.


Jasmin said...

Thanks for updating us.Looking forward for more good news :) Best wishes to all the climbers.
-- Jasmine

Susan Garrood said...

Good to hear Joshs team is on there way up, look forward to the next good update ;-)....Susan G

Ernesto and Ines said...

On the plane today heading for peak 60. Lots of luck to Helen and all the climbers. In bocca al lupo Ernesto and Ines

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to more news from Russell's team. thank you, Rita Davis