Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quick Update

The Combat Wounded Veterans left base camp last night or early this morning headed to the 7,800 foot camp on the main Kahiltna Glacier. This is generally done in one single carry. Meaning they will carry all of their gear--about 120 pounds per person. To get there, it is 500 feet down hill from base camp (7,200 ft) to the main Kahiltna Glacier then a gradually uphill to 7,800 feet.

Vernovage's team is doing a carry from 11,000' to 13,500' cache. They'll probably spend the night at the 11,000 foot camp and then move up to 14,200' camp. 

If the weather is good on the mountain today then we can expect the other teams to move up from 14K. Will update you as we know.

Blogger Laura

Rope teams moving to 7,800 feet.


Kim Lucotch said...

It looks amazing out there! And cold! Hope you're having the time of your life Justin. Me and Bri are proud of you. Glad to hear your lungs like the cold too!

AOCM wife said...

Watching the blogs often.....we are very anxious to see pix and recieve updates....we are very proud our guy and this team! AOCM wife