Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quick update

I have heard through the well informed grapevine that today the weather was (and still is) nice today at 14,200' and above.

I have not heard from our teams at 14,200' directly so I am making an educated guess that the AMS teams led by Peter Anderson (Denali 6/13), Mike Hamill (Denali 6/15), and Aaron Mainer (Denali 6/15)  have moved up to the 17,200' high camp today.

Please know that as we hear from them directly or hear about their progress from a trusted source who is on the mountain we will update the blog.


AMS climbers nearing the 17,200' high camp, Mt. Foraker in the background. 

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Kristi Anderson said...

Thanks for the update Caitlin! :). We know there's not a lot of communication and no news is good news! Doesn't make it easier sitting at home wondering how they're doing :). Thanks again for the great updates!