Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Russell's team is at 14K

Photo of 14K. In the near distance behind 14K is "the edge of the world". Straight to the right of camp is the trail toward Windy Corner and the 13.5 cache location. The photo appears to be taken from near the top of the fixed lines just above 16,000 feet. In the center of the photo at a much lower elevation you can see the Kahiltna glacier. This will be the route of the 3 AMS teams, on their way down now, to get back to base camp as well as the route the Kahiltna Dome expedition will take tomorrow or thereabouts when they make their move to Ski Hill.

Russell and his crew rolled into 14 last night. Everyone is doing well, albeit a little tired from yesterday's long move day. They're having a leisurely morning of eating french toast and will head out in a while to retrieve their supplies from 13.5K (about a 30 minute walk down hill and a little over an hour to get back to camp). Russell said they will take the whole day off tomorrow and probably will head out to the edge of the world before or after they practice some skills needed for the upper mountain in and around camp.