Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Snowing at Basecamp

Here's a little video of a typical camp building scene on Denali.

The Kahiltna Dome climbers are still hanging out at basecamp waiting for the weather to clear.
The planes that fly in and out of the Alaska Range with are only allowed to fly when the visibility is good: no flying by instruments, in other words. The groups on the mountain have plenty of extra food and fuel and hopefully extra books. Laura, one of the students on the course who also works here at AMS, called in to say they are doing fine.

Peter Anderson, Beth Cleary and the rest of the 6/13 Denali team are still waiting to fly into base camp. There are lots of climbers milling about town waiting for the weather - also known as the Denali hang. Peter's crew having been doing lots of skills classes the last couple of days while they wait, so when they land on the glacier they are ready to go. All they'll need to do when they go up is wait for the cooler nighttime temperatures and start walking.

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Kristi Anderson said...

The waiting is the hardest part! Hope the weather breaks soon. My good friend is w/ Peter Anderson's 6/13 team - good luck to all!