Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Just In...

From the mountain grapevine...Anderson 6/13, Mainer 6/15Hammil, 6/15 all are at 17,200 foot high camp. I did not speak with them directly so I don't have details - SO SORRY!

I expect they will call us in today or tomorrow, we post it immediately when we hear from them. We try hard not to make predictions, but here goes...they could be back at base camp in two to three days....right on schedule.

Team Gowler 6/27 is doing well. They made a carry of gear to 10,500 feet today.
Blogger Laura
A photo of walls at high camp from an earlier expedition.

The green route is the West Buttress Route

14,200 foot camp.

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Kristi Anderson said...

Lots of updates today - so anxious to hear next from the high camp teams - good luck to all!! We're hoping the timing works perfectly and we'll get to see Anderson's team when we pass through Talkeetna Sat/Sun! Go LOU! Thanks AMS team for the updates!