Sunday, June 19, 2011

Updates from 11,200'

11,200' camp with Motorcycle hill in the background.

AMS Guide Larry Holmgren, who is working with fellow guide Mike Hamill and Kent Stewart, called in from 11K a bit ago. Today they made a carry around Windy Corner at 13.5K. As long as the weather is good they will move up to 14K tomorrow. Kent is feeling great and Larry said he is very strong. Kent wanted to send his love to Julie and wish her a happy 29th anniversary.

Mike, Kent and Larry in Talkeetna on June 15th.

Aaron Mainer, Tye Gimenez and Michael are also making a carry around Windy Corner today.Tye, Michael and Aaron on June 15th, just prior to departure in Talkeetna.

Peter Anderson and his team are taking a rest day at 11K and are planning on making their carry around the corner tomorrow.

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