Monday, June 27, 2011

Updates from Denali

We spoke with Mike Hamill, lead guide on the 6/15 West Buttress expedition, earlier today. His team along with Peter Anderson's 6/13 and Aaron Mainer's 6/15 expeditions are waiting out the weather at 14k. Mike reports that it's been "snowing and blowing." Weather isn't too bad, but hasn't been good enough to move up the mountain. All three groups are cached and ready to go up, however, as soon as it's clear.

We have word from slightly lower elevation as well: Greg Vernovage and the 6/22 West Buttress expedition are at 11k and are probably carrying today - and at basecamp, it's still snowing.


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Kristi Anderson said...

Thanks for the updates - we've wondered if any teams got to high camp. Hopefully the mountain will relent and the Anderson team can get going up!! Go Lou - fingers crossed for all of u that the Mtn 'cooperates'!