Friday, June 24, 2011

Combat Wounded Veterans Denali Challenge Prep

Gerard, and tales of airplanes driving into crevasses in Antarctica. Hearsay? Maybe.

Colby with Tyler, Vic, and Justin, enjoying the sunshine.

Captain Dave Olson and Evan, preparing their stomachs for a long day. "You know, I could have been doing anything else for three weeks - golfing, sailing..." Dave muses. "Massages!" guide Alex suggests. I wonder what 17-year-old Evan added to that list. But instead father and son are going to Denali. Not a bad option in my book.

AMS Headquarters has been busy the last few days as the Denali Challenge for Combat Wounded Veterans Expedition prepares to fly in. Yesterday the whole crew of 15 (guides Tim Hewette, Matt Montavon, Alex Stroud, and Noah Ronczowski with three PJs and eight climbers) packed their lunches, got their gear together, and briefed on the climb. Today they finished packing gear, went over fixed line ascension skills, paused for a cheerful group lunch, and briefed with National Parks Service. They are on schedule to fly at 5. We'll miss them - but the three weeks will pass like nothing.


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