Friday, June 24, 2011

Combat Wounded Veterans West Buttress Expedition Flies In

The proud team ready to fly
Our crew at Denali Basecamp
Denali peak with lenticulars (clouds from fast winds)
Vic proud to pose on the glacier in front of an American flag
Kahiltna Glacier cradled in front of Mt Foraker (L) and Mt Crosson (R)

The 11 climbers on the 2011 Denali Challenge for Combat Wounded Veterans flew in this evening with AMS guides Tim Hewette, Alex Stroud, Matt Montavon, and Noah Ronczowski. I flew into basecamp with the third plane (yes, 15 climbers takes three small airplanes!). It's a beautiful flight in, and we were all marvelling at the green tundra, meandering rivers, black hills, and the suddenly-appearing snow-crested peaks. Base Camp is quiet, and beautiful, with only a few camp groups around. The team will be acclimatizing, preparing, and working on skills for the first day and will make their first move early Sunday.



Guardian Angel said...

Really am enjoying being able to check how the guys, just getting started on the climb, are doing.
I am excited to ck every day or so.
They are a very special groupe of men. I am proud of them all. Thanks,
Carol Martin

AOCM wife said...

Carol, you are an angel indeed! I cannot express in words how much I truly appreciate your kindness to these fellas. You are a gracious soul and hope to finally meet you and the team one day very soon! AOCM Wife

Pumpkin said...

Take care of my dad up there!