Wednesday, July 20, 2011

12 Day Mountaineering Course Begins!

Our Denali Expedition season has wrapped for the year and this leaves us to focus on our  Mountaineering Courses which run March through September each year. 

Guides Forest Wagner and Noah Ronczkowski  and their students are psyched to be going to the Alaska Ranges' Eldridge Glacier for twelve days of fun, learning and climbing. They may call in to update us but we don't expect too many calls. If we hear from them we'll update the blog. They will have full days of instruction, practice, climbing, traveling, shoveling, eating, climbing, and much more...

~blogger laura & Caitlin

July courses get the benefit of eating local foods: Fresh grilled King Salmon and just picked garden salad with greens and strawberries from the AMS garden.  Guide Noah caught the King salmon on Clear Creek just upriver from Talkeetna.

Steve loads up on the homegrown salad fixings...he won't be seeing any green veggies for the next 12 days.

Guide Noah teaches fixed line ascention skills before heading onto the glacier.

Allegra shows the group how to use an ascender.

Final Packing...Carter is ready to go.

And they're off!  The Team: Peter, Carter, John, Forest, Steve (top row)
Yuri, Allegra and Noah (kneeling)

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