Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anderson 6/13

Peter Anderson just called and confirmed that they have been conserving the phone batteries.  They had a summit day on 6/30 and yesterday descended to 14,200.  They are at the base of Ski Hill 7800 feet right now.  They will be in basecamp tomorrow and ready to fly back to Talkeetna,  we will have fresh fruit and juice ready for them.  All are enjoying the climb and spirits are high.


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Kristi Anderson said...

YES!!!! So happy to hear the great news! Congratulations to the entire team! Lou, we are so proud - you worked so hard for this! Sorry we missed u in Talkeetna today - we'll be heading up to Denali early tomorrow am, so AMS team - can u do me a favor and give my friend a big squeeze from me and Eric when she gets in tomorrow? See u at home Lou - you ROCK!