Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Denali : Lower Mountain Update

AMS teams lead by guides Mike Hamill and Larry Holmgren, and Aaron Mainer and Tye Gimenez arrived back in Talkeetna at 9:00 pm last night - welcome back guys, great work up there. When I last saw them, they were very happily eating pizza, wearing flip flops and drinking beer.

The Anderson 6/13 Team is moving to base camp tonight / this morning and we are looking forward to seeing them in Talkeetna in a few hours, that is, if the weather remains clear.  We have piles of watermelon and other treats for them. What an adventure they have had, they have once again demonstrated their great patience, by waiting at 7,800' for the best travel conditions on the glacier.

Photos coming soon,


Anonymous said...

THANK GOD!!!! They have not had a break on this trip. Total endurance!!! Way to go all of you guys and congratulations on your climb! We are very proud of you-Kelly and can't wait to hear all about your climb. Love Amy and Tammy

Kristi Anderson said...

We've been listening to the sweet sounds of air traffic this morning in Talkeetna. We'll 'stalk by' the AMS office again this am to see if we can catch Anderson's team ;). Thanks to all at AMS for the awesome updates - it's been so amazing to track this team's amazing adventure! You all are bada$$!