Sunday, July 10, 2011

Denali Update

Rob Gowler called in from High Camp. They are taking a rest day today which will set them up for a summit day tomorrow weather permitting. Everyone was well and Erin was cooking up another round of hash browns when the call came in.

Wagner 6/20 and Vernovage 6/22 called in from 7800' this morning at 10:38 AM and they are still there.  Everyone was well and they were waiting for the fog to lift and a freeze to set in before moving down glacier. Hopefully they will be moving to base camp and the landing strip tonight. If the weather is flyable tomorrow then they could be out by Monday mid day. Patience is a big part of mountaineering.

We'll keep you posted when we hear.
Standing by, Colby

View of Denali from 7800 camp

Looking down glacier from "ski hill."

White crowned sparrow on gear at the 7800' camp. That is ski hill in the background with climbers ascending.

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