Monday, August 1, 2011

6 Day Mountaineering Course & Update from the Eldridge Glacier

Today is the start of our August 6 day Mountaineering Course and the team members are super and are in high spirits.   They are already learning lots and will put it all to use in the mountains.  They are awaiting clear skies to fly into the Alaska Range.
The team listening to Instructor Matt Montavon prior to ascending the fixed lines here at AMS HQ.

Jason and Hazel practicing fixed line ascention
Tyler and Dave hanging around...

Meanwhile on the Eldridge glacier the snow is falling, it has recieved 8 inches of snow since Sunday night.  Therefore, our 12 day Mountaineering course is enjoying an extra day on the glacier since it is not flyable enough to return to Talkeenta again today. They have plenty of food and fuel for cooking and will begin stomping out a runway for the airplanes with their snowshoes soon. The weather forecast looks like there may be a window of clear skies starting Tuesday afternoon. They are all doing well.

- Caitlin

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RobertandSarah said...

Hope they are enjoying the snow. At least it is not rain!