Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eldridge Update

It's raining in Talkeetna this morning. The weather is supposed to give us a break later today. The group morale is good which is a tribute to them all. We spent yesterday discussing other options with the Denali NPS's south side district ranger and have their helicopter support available to initiate a food drop. The plan last night was to helicopter in low under the cloud ceiling and drop the food off as close as we could letting Forrest know the GPS coordinates. Rain shut us down before we could launch. Forrest knows to call at any time day or night to let us know when its flyable. They have a solar panel to keep the satellite phone charged and we just added 200 more minutes. The air taxi and the NPS helicopter are ready to launch. It's not an emergency because the group is healthy and they have food and fuel which they are rationing, but we are responding in full force regardless. We have a mountain of fresh red salmon recently caught in the Kenai ready to put on the grill as soon as they are airborne. Patience being tested is an understatement and in the end they will be stronger and wiser from the experience, but it's not the end yet.


RobertandSarah said...

Thanks for the update. Well done to everyone- what an exciting experience.

Anonymous said...

Great team effort, glad everyone is holding up well!