Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mountaineering Courses Update - Hoeschen & Wagner

The 6 Day Mountaineering Course with instructors Josh Hosechen and Matt Montsvon has returned to Talkeetna from the Matanuska Glacier. They were unable to fly into the Alaska Range at the start of their course so they chose to drive to the Matanuska Glacier in the Chugach Mountains for glacier camping, course work, crampon travel and technical skills. They returned this afternoon ready to hit the showers! They all had a great time and learned alot with Josh and Matt, 2 super leaders and teachers. We look forward to having all the students back again for much more - and with clearer skies next time.

The 12 Day Moutnaineering Course remains on the Eldridge Glacier and is on their 6th day of delay. We are in touch with the lead instuctor Forest Wagner and he reports that they are doing just fine.  They still have plenty of food and fuel.  Our air service, Talkeetna Air Taxi tried hard to get the team today, but the weather continues to hold the upper hand with stubborn clouds and fog on the Eldgride Glacier. This course is getting the real deal experience with the realities of airplane access climbing in the Alaska Range. I beleive this course has now broken my personal record of weather delay, mine is 5 days, and the airplanes and pilots were stuck with us for a few of those days too!  When I was delayed, we actually had a good time - all we could do was wait and make the best of it.  If they are into pop culture, surely they will be signing the tune to Gilligan's Island by now.

We are doing all we can to facilitate their return to Talkeetna and smooth return home, the weather map gives me hope for clearing skies tomorrow.

- Caitlin

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