Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away...

The 12 day Mountaineering Course continues to await clear weather on the Eldridge Glacier.  Today they checked in via satellite phone text (texting to conserve batteries): "STILL STORMIN. ALL IS WELL."

The opportunity of better weather that I was looking yesterday at is moving s l o w l y, here's hoping it will reach them tomorrow.

Here's the link my favorite weather site: http://pafc.arh.noaa.gov/tvwx.php

They are doing well, the team has plenty of food and fuel, and I imagine they are passing around their books at a rapid rate now.

Student cooking up a tasty meal in an AMS snow kitchen complete with a megamid roof, even in stormy weather it can get quite comfy in there.

Best, Caitlin

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