Thursday, August 11, 2011


The people who work here, their lives cross paths with members of the military and coast guard. AMS is hired to teach climbing courses or lead Denali expeditions to these people. Sometimes it's regular enlisted, most of the time they are a specialty, occasionally they are groups of wounded from combat.

Denali and her surrounding mountains are "bad ass" and provide a uniquely real, un-contrived environment to learn these skills and apply them. Its always so rewarding to the guides working these things and for us in town too. Something about it is hard to pin down. Maybe because I know I wouldn't last a minute in a firefight and feel like these guys have, or are willing to take a bullet for me.

AMS is made up of citizens of the US and we all enjoy the rights of living in this amazing country. There are 40 guides who work here and most of them travel to the Tetons, Rainier, Yosemite, Canyonlands, Joshua Tree, and a host of other awe-inspiring wilderness areas in the US after a month or two in Alaska. What a life! And not the same anywhere else on earth.

I am glad we protect our way of life. I wish it didn't result in tragic events like the Chinook going down last week in eastern Afghanistan.
I immediately wanted to know if it was "one of ours," but even if not, the military is such a band of brothers, especially the Special Forces, I knew all our armed forces graduates were hurting.

My condolences,
Colby Coombs
Can you spot JC?

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