Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weather Break, hoping for the best...

It is sunny in Talkeetna and a plane has launched to check on the snow conditions on the glacier and give the team extra food, fuel and treats.   From other Alaska Range pilot reports the team has been working very hard stomping out an enormous runway, so we are hopeful that they will get out this evening.

It is up to the the pilot that is flying in right now as to if they will be able to get out today. The determining factor is the snow. If it has snowed too much and not solidified enough, the airplanes will get stuck in the snow and not be able to lift off with passengers.  If this is the case, normally it takes 24 hours for the snow to firm up and make conditions suitable.

We are rooting for them here and hope all that snow is perfect!
Here's the scouting plane on it's way.

We are doing our best, and they continue to be very well.

- Caitlin

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