Monday, October 24, 2011

Aconcagua Expedition, Argentina

Greetings from Talkeetna!  The weather is getting colder but we still have climbing on our minds.  Our season kicks off with an Aconcagua climb.  We offer a smaller group 6 climbers and 2 guides.  This is a excellent deal and a wonderful way to see Argentina!  What a nice way to start the new year!

Aconcagua West Face

At just under 7000 meters, Aconcagua ranks as the highest mountain outside of Asia. The exact origin of its name is unclear, but translates to Stone Sentinel from the Inca word, "Acon Cahuak." Located in the heart of the Central Andes, Aconcagua was first climbed in 1897 from the northwest via the Horcornes Valley. Named the Normal Route, it is the most direct way up the mountain. 

Aconcagua, Argentina »
January 9 - 27, 2012  2 places left
Normal Route, 19 days, $5200, 6 climbers: 2 guides 


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