Friday, November 18, 2011

Time to Learn~Time to Play!

"Awesome instruction by true professionals! AMS sets the standard in Alaska Mountaineering!"   
 ~ Otis R, Six-Day Mountaineering Course

Students learning to set up camp on an Advanced Mountaineering Course

It is a cold windy day in Talkeetna.  The sky is blue and the mountains are seriously beautiful!  Now is the perfect time to turn your climbing dreams into reality! A great way to start is to join us for a Six or Twelve Day Mountaineering Course. Or, perhaps you want to hone the skills you already have by taking an Advanced Mountaineering Course.  
Six Day Mountaineering Course 
The AMS six-day mountaineering course introduces people with little or no climbing experience to mountaineering in a challenging and remote glaciated environment. Moving and building camps, roped glacier travel and crevasse rescue, avalanche transceiver searches, and mountain climbing techniques are all on the agenda. During this course participants will learn how to live comfortably in mountainous snow covered glaciated terrain and have an understanding of what it takes to pursue longer climbs in the Alaska Range. Six days is a short amount of time to cover a large number of topics, move camp, and climb a peak, so prepare to be a sponge for information.
$2100, max: 9 students: 3 instructors
March 17 - March 22
April 9 - April 14
May 7 - May 12
June 21 - June 26
July 9 - July 14
August 5 - August 10
September 2 - September 7

Twelve Day Mountaineering Course
The twelve-day course teaches all of the same skills as the six-day course but gives you more time and opportunity to practice the skills you've learned-- more time to ascend peaks, move camp to new areas and become even more comfortable with with life in the mountains. 
$2900, 9 Students: 3 instructors
March 19 - May 30
April 23- May 4
May 17- May28
June 14 - June 25
July 18 - July 29
August 15 - August 26
September 1- September 12

Advanced Mountaineering Course

It is not necessary to have snow and ice mountaineering experience to take this course. It is designed for the student who already has a solid background of roped climbing experience, is comfortable in exposed locations, and familiar with belaying, building anchors, and rappelling. Winter camping and downhill skiing experience are encouraged but not necessary. The smaller class size will enable you to learn more and climb more!
$3100, 6 students: 2 instructors

May 2-May 13

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