Sunday, April 22, 2012

Josh Hoeschen Honored

On April 20, Alaska Pacific University recognized AMS guide and Instructor Josh Hoeschen for his commitment to excellence in teaching. APU says of Josh, "Josh is a long standing adjunct instructor at APU who is respected and admired by students and faculty alike. The award comes with a certificate and a check—safely sealed in an envelope—so we don’t know what kind of celebration Josh can afford, but we confident  there will be one."

We have known for some time what a great instructor Josh is!  Josh began with AMS in 2006 and we are proud to have him working with AMS as one of our instructors and guides.

Josh and fellow AMS instructor, Matt Montavon are getting lesson plans, gear and food pack up and ready to begin a 12 day Mountaineering Course in the Alaska Range tomorrow.  We know the students will have a great experience and learn a lot during their course!

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Dottie Hoeschen said...

Joshua! You never even told me about this. You carry humility too far!
Love you,