Monday, April 30, 2012

Rutger, Dan, Joey: Returned!

The team returned to Talketna!  After patiently route finding for the best conditions to climb Mt. Hunter via the NW Basin and then to the Ramen Coulior they climbed and skied several other peaks in the area, including Mt. Francis.  They got a true Alaska Range mountaineering expereince, they stuck their nose in it, assesed the conditions, stayed flexible with their goals and got some great climbing in. We are super happy for them because they did it right.

The weather was great and alas, it was time to come back to the land of fresh fruits and veggies.  They returned slightly sunburned and happy.

Rutger has become a warmly welcomed friend after several years with AMS and had this to say about his experience:

"AMS is a world class team.  Not only do you learn how to climb in an awe inspiring environment, but you have a great time doing it!"

Thanks Rutger, and we look forward to seeing you next year in AK, or perhaps sooner in your neck of the woods!

Dan, Joey and Rutger

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