Monday, May 28, 2012


AMS guide Mike Soucy and his team (Heather Coombs) moved up to 11K today.

Nate Opp and his team (team Skerritt) also moved up to 11K.

They will have established camp, most likely, by now and are probably sitting back in the sun or in the tent reading a book and drying out all of their boots, gloves and sleeping bags.

Even though it is still quite cold on the mountain, the tents warm up to be really warm when the sun is hitting them.  Sometimes it gets so warm inside the tents on a sunny day that you have to drape a sleeping bag over the top of the tent to provide some shade.  (Don't forget to clip the bag into something so it can't blow away though!).

Josh Hoeschen (5/26) called in.  His team is doing well.  They are at the bottom of Ski Hill right now.  They are planning on doing a carry tomorrow to the 10,000 foot area.

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