Monday, May 28, 2012

5/13 [P]Ormond, SUMMIT

An AMS caught on camera, seconds away from stepping foot on the summit.
 AMS guide Pat Ormond called in from the SUMMIT.  They made it up in 9 hours from high camp.  He said it was a nice night.  If they made it up to the top in 9 hours, I'd say they are looking at a 4 hour trip back to high camp, a long and worthy journey.  They will rest up at high camp until noon or so.  The sun hits the tents at high camp around 7:15 AM.  They will use the heat of the sun as their alarm clock I'm sure.  After their success and rest the strong team will be ready for their long descent.  I'm sure they will move steadily as they are probably looking forward to showers and hambergers.  Weather permitting, they should be back at 14K tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.  Then they'll rest up there for several hours, most likely, and then start the 11+ hour walk out to base camp.

On another note, Joey Mcbrayer called in from 14K.  They were going to start down toward base camp tonight and could be at base camp as soon as tomorrow morning. 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, AMS, for making this experience possible for Doug and his team guided by Pat Ormond -- and all the other climbers you've safely guided up Denali. Those of us back home are grateful for all the updates and the glorious photos along the way. One burning question remains: How did you get a picture of the AMS guide nearing the summit, taken from above? All my best, Pat G