Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/21, Forest Wagner

AMS guide, Forest Wagner called in a bit ago.  He and his crew were at 7800 foot camp.  They carried to 9600 feet today.  They are doing really well and having fun.  He said that the whole team is SOLID.  The weather is perfect in the Range today.  Forest's plan is to move all the way to 11k tomorrow, then back carry the following day to retrieve their supplies at 9600 feet.

The move to 11k will take the group about 7 hours, more or less.  They are not in any hurry whatsoever so they can go at a nice slow pace allowing everyone to arrive at camp with spare energy to build and fortify camp.  The back carry day becomes somewhat of a rest day, as they do not have to wake up early and they do not have all that far to travel.  On any rest day it is nice to get out of the tent and stretch the legs a little as well as get the heart rate up to aid in acclimatization.

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