Sunday, May 27, 2012


Josh Hoeschen and his team are installed at the bottom of Ski Hill.  They are in a "sweet camp" according to Josh.  They already have their tents and kitchen tent set up behind nice walls.

Josh said Nate Opp, Matt Montavon, Dominic and all of his buddies just walked camp after they did a carry up to the 10,000 foot elevation area.  Josh said nate and his team were looking WAY strong and were most likely going to move up tomorrow.

Below are a few photos of what the kitchen scene is like.
The kitchen tents get set up at all of the camps except base camp and high camp.  We generally don't spend enough time at base camp to warrant setting one up and high camp not only gets too windy for this type of a tent, byt the snow is often too hard to dig deep enough.

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