Tuesday, May 22, 2012

AMS mid-mountain Denali Update

AMS Guides Pat Ormond and Larry Holmgren from the 5/13 Denali expedition called in today from the 14,200' camp.  They carried food and fuel to 16,300' today and are planning to take two well earned rest days on wednesday and thursday. All are well and in good spirits.

Guides Joey McBrayer and Alex Stroud and their 5/11 Denali team carried to 16,300' and are planning to move to high camp at 17,200' tomorrow, wednesday. They are feeling well.

Currently it is lightly snowing at 14,200', and the teams are happy. Usually, at this time of night, they are finished with dinner and having their last hot drink of tea or cocoa, then they are off to their tents and the warmth of their giant sleeping bags.

Here's hoping for this continued good weather!

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