Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Glorious Day in Talkeetna

This was the view down at the river this morning. The Talkeetna River is on the right and running ice free. The Susitna River, on the left, broke free of its ice on Monday night and ice chunks are still floating by. It is another rite of spring to see the rivers break up.

In the meantime our Advanced Mountaineering students spent the day doing a gear check, packing lunches and headed off to the Pika Glacier for the next 12 days. Their able guide, Winslow Passey, not only can do a headstand for a super long time, she also is an amazing mountaineering teacher. They are going to do a point to point course ending in the Ramparts climbing and skiing and learning! If we hear from them out in the field we'll post it here but usually they are too busy climbing so we operate with the understanding that "no news is good news."

The Alaska Range!
Guide Winslow (standing on her head!) with students Dana, Ian, assistant guide, Josh and Kelsey.
An Apple A Day...keeps guides Joey, Dan and Todd Happy and Healthy.

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