Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Team Heads into the Range

Guides Dan Corn and Dana Larkin with climbers Tiska and Soames are going for an Upper West Rib Expedition. It is a gorgeous day; the mountains are standing tall and proud and the leaves have finally popped.

Dan, Tiska, Soames and Dana catching some air!


Eleanor Moore said...

Is Pat Ormond's phone broken - or is it normal not to call in more often than he is? No posts, beyond the mention from this other group, since they left on Sunday. I'm sure they're fine, but it would be so appreciated by those of us with loved ones on the climb to see a report from the Ormond 5/13 group. Please!

Caitlin Palmer said...

Hello Eleanor, Thanks for your comment. Pat's phone is working well, and all doing great on the 5/13 Denali team.

Our teams are only asked to call in a few times during their climb, as phone batteries are limited on the mountain. The phones are primarily for emergency use, but the guides are good enough to check in with progress reports at certain places on the mountain. They are pretty focused on their climbing and these remote climbs are a nice opportunity to simplify life, it is a treat in todays busy world I think.

Rest assured that AMS is very well connected on and off the mountain. We will send you updates as we have confirmed field reports from them or about them from other AMS teams.

Please stay tuned and have a great day. - Caitlin