Saturday, May 12, 2012

Busy Day

Guide Todd Passey and Mike returned from the Alaska Range today.  They did a Custom Technical Climb in the Ruth Amphitheater with the Mountain House as their base.   They did lots of climbing including Explorer's Peak and Mt. Barrill.  Over the last few days they stayed snug in the 'luxury' of the Mountain House watching the snow fall and wind blow.

We also have a Denali Skills Workshop running today.  The class members will be launching for a Denali West Buttress on May 13 (tomorrow).  They are learning Denali specific techniques of glacier travel and crevasse rescue, they technical rope work, fixed line ascension, belaying; pully systems and traveling on rope teams and more.

Learning the ropes
Instructors Erin Pollock and Leighan Falley

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